Absolution of Your Health Responsibility Kills

Think twice about handing over the responsibility for your health to the health system. They are not god; it’s a partnership where the responsibility rests solely with you. Not your doctor. Consumer Reports on Health reported in their June 2016 issue “… doctors continue to recommend treatment even when newer evidence suggests they shouldn’t. In fact, research shows that it can often take some doctors years, even decades, to give up old therapies after studies show them to be ineffective or dangerous.” Therefore, the responsibility rests with the patient to ask questions, consider second opinions, etc. And further consider that visiting a hospital puts you in great danger of dying, making hospital visits in Canada worse than the Ebola crisis by 36 times: https://textor.ca/2015/04/11-of-people-picking-up-hospital-based-infections-die/ This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit a hospital, but if your issue can be resolved outside a hospital it makes sense to do so.


Winter Tires not just for Canadians

Winter tires are also recommended for Americans too says Consumer Reports with only 21% of Americans considering winter tires vs 58% in Canada. CR explains AWD is not a substitute; winter tires provide a minimum 20% benefit.


Taking The Passion Out of Politics

When H.S. Dent explains that politics follows an 80 year cycle, it takes all the passion out of it. It’s no surprise that we have no control over large events and explaining that events occur in cycles re-iterates this. What Dent’s cycle says is that there is an 80 year four-season economic cycle and liberals are favored in the summer & fall seasons (good times, bubbles; e.g. Post great depression to the 1960s) while conservatives are favored in the winter and spring season (recessions, high inflation, lagging innovation; e.g. 1970s – current day).  This helps explain why waiting for the government to make a decision that affects personal situations is extreme folly since the political lean required may take decades to come about.